Ecological Construction
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Build innovation and application system for key technologies

Consolidate the various resources from universities,academia and enterprises to make breakthrough on common key technologies,collaborative innovation and commercialize the outcomes of the industrialization. Support the development of professional services on technology consulting,IPR and training,facilitate the technology transfer and application promotion.

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Streamline the collaborative development system for the enterprise

Strength the cooperation among the sectors from equipment,automation,software,telecom,internet based on the market requirements in the ways such as alliance,standard,system integration. Facilitate the harmonized development of large enterprises and SMEs by taking advantaging of IIoT. Encourage the big companies to lead the SMEs to do transformation towards IIoT applications.

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Build regional collaborative development system

Enhance the cooperation between central and local government and complementary advantages in the region. Explore the different kinkds of IIoT development modes and enrich the whole ecosystem.

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