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Firstly,the multi-tier co-operations with government entities,industry associations,industry hubs and various industry players have resulted in an extensive data source consisting of the national industrial database covering all levels ranging from enterprise, district,municipal, leading up to the ministry level.

Secondly,the cooperative efforts with various internet companies have led to the massive consolidation of non-statistical internet data available on an industrial big data center,allowing for comprehensive data mining to support macro decision-making and industrial development.

Data Source

P3 2ico1
P3 2ico5 Government
P3 2ico5 Industry Association
P3 2ico5 Industry Hub
P3 2ico5 Enterprise
P3 2ico5 Internet
P3 2ico5 Others

Data Content

P3 2ico2 2 Chains

Major enterprises, space allocations and development status;Major industrial projects,weakness and bottlenecks;Major famous products;Major countries and regional distributions etc.


Key process controls,technologies;major IPRs and players in China and across the world.


Major industries and 10 keys areas in "Made in China 2025"


Multi-tier such as global, national, provincial,municipal, country, industrial hub.


Monthly,quarterly.annual data

P3 2ico3 3 Dimensions
P3 2ico4 4 Elements




Factors of production

Talent,capital,equipment etc.

Environmental elements

Market,natural environment etc.